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Many people can write a CV or résumé themselves, but using a professional résumé service is one of the best ways of getting a better job. Why? It’s because on a daily basis, recruitment companies receive 100s of applications from different people competing for the same job as you. With so little time to read these applications, it is a no brainer that you need a document that stands out.

King of CV is a top tier, CPRW (Certified Résumé Professional Writer) certified service that produces some of the world’s best CVs. Unlike many others in our industry, we diligently put maximum effort into understanding the type of job you want to apply for, and producing a document that represents an excellent investment for your career. We can also help you with your LinkedIn profile and coach you for job interviews.

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  • My field (computer programming) was competitive in the UK, and it’s even worse in this country. I called up, got a much more polished resume, and we did 2 interview coaching sessions. First session we rehearsed niche, technical, and specialist questions related to my job in “STAR” format. Second session, we looked into negotiating salary convincingly. I said I’d only write an endorsement if I cracked a 6 digit salary… so, here you go
  • Arthur, please feel free to add my testimonial on your website. Having graduated a year ago but still working until recently in customer service positions – you know how eager I was to finally get a job in journalism. Getting a call from one of the country’s largest newspapers saying my application and resume stood out by a mile was a thrill that I eventually got taken on as a journalist intern, and am now in a paid role! This industry is cut throat, and for me to get this I am so happy! Thank you also for helping with the job advice and interview coaching 😀 J.X.
  • Mate, it’s 100% obvious you are a recruitment professionals! I’m an advertising and communications manager, so one could excuse my confidence in assuming I can do my resume myself. I used appealing adjectives, had a catchy template, and talked up my experience. Not embarrassed to admit that nothing worked out. Taking the punt with you guys made it clear recruiters think in a totally different way to applicants. Thank you so much, I’ve got interviews! Success!
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