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Making Your CV Industry Specific

It takes time and effort to prepare a good CV. A lot of thought has [...]

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Why Having No Cover Letter is like a Missing Movie Trailer

With up to 25 percent of young New Zealanders, aged 16 to 25, struggling to [...]

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The Value of Highly Targeted Personalised CV’s

In today’s competitive job market, those that go that one step further are often the [...]

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Social Media – The end to the traditional CV?

We use it to keep in touch with friends and family, to follow our favorite [...]

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Auckland CV Writer Recommends Professional CV’s

Auckland CV writer King of CV says those looking to find a job need to [...]

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Give us a call if it is urgent!

I’ve been keeping a close eye on two key job websites ( and over [...]

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Should You Customize Your Cover Letters?

Lately a lot of job seekers have been trying to ‘combat’ the downturn in the [...]

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CV Tips of the Week!

If your CV is going to be viewed on a computer screen, ease and speed [...]

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